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We bring high professional and academic standards to bear on every legal problem, always conscious that our clients have three essential questions:

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Our Featured Legal Services

Estate Administration attorneys collegeville | Wolpert Schreiber McDonnell P.C.

Estate Administration

We will guide you through the necessary legal steps when you have to administer the estate of a family member or friend, including visiting the Register of Wills, obtaining short certificates, gathering assets, obtaining an EIN number, obtaining date-of-death balances, contacting banks and insurance companies, converting and liquidating investment portfolios as needed, advertising the estate, publishing legal notices, communicating with beneficiaries, making interim distributions, disposing of assets such as real estate, preparing the inheritance tax return, preparing a family settlement agreement, making final distributions to the beneficiaries, clearing outstanding bills, paying taxes as required, obtaining releases to protect the executor from liability, retaining a small sum for contingencies, obtaining the reimbursement of any funds held by title companies in the course of selling real estate, and closing the estate, etc.

Estate Planning Attorneys | Wolpert Schreiber McDonnell P.C.

Estate Planning

We prepare wills, healthcare directives, living wills, powers of attorney for healthcare agents, financial powers of attorney for spouses and children, revocable and irrevocable inter vivos trusts, pour-over trusts, and documents for all aspects of the estate planning process.  Typically, a couple who engages us will be provided with eight different documents to thoroughly address every aspect of your estate planning needs.  We will go to a nursing home to assist in obtaining a power of attorney for an elderly parent, naming a child, so long as the elderly parent has sufficient mental capacity to understand what they are doing.

probate attorneys collegeville | Wolpert Schreiber McDonnell P.C.


Call us to provide legal representation and administrative assistance in probating an estate. We are capable of handling every aspect of the probate process for you, including litigation or contentious relations with an estranged family member, or a contested bill.  We will conduct litigation in the Orphan’s Court where that is necessary, and we will work diligently to attempt to settle disputes so that they do not need to be resolved in Orphan’s Court.  We deal with circumstances where the naming of a guardian is essential; for example, for an elderly parent with dementia or a child suffering a significant disability.

Where Every Client Matters

“We give you candid advice at the outset of a matter, outlining the range of possible outcomes and the probable costs associated with achieving those outcomes. We work diligently for you to settle your case. We are licensed in Pennsylvania and New Jersey and regularly represent Pennsylvania clients with respect to their New Jersey legal affairs. We are experienced in federal and state court, arbitrations, administrative hearings, professional license hearings, jury trials, and mediations.”  – Wolpert Schreiber McDonnell P.C

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