Employment Law

  • Settled disability case involving a professional woman who was terminated from employment because of several health events in combination; six figure settlement.
  • Settled a case for a senior construction industry executive who was terminated for age related reasons. Six figure settlement
  • Settled a case for a professional in the mortgage industry concerning unpaid overtime. Five figure settlement.
  • Settled matter for a professional in the biotech industry concerning unpaid commissions; five figure settlement
  • Settled matter for a professional in the computer industry concerning unpaid earnings; five figure judgment and successful garnishment in New Jersey to recover amount owed.*
  • Won two unemployment compensation cases, on appeal, for two brothers who worked together who refused to work under dangerous conditions on construction site.


  • Successfully defended and assisted clients sued by mortgage lenders, credit card companies, collection agencies, and finance lessors.
  • Assist numerous clients with Chapter 7 Bankruptcy protection; allowing them to discharge debt while keeping real estate, vehicles, and other personal property.


  • Successfully obtained ARD disposition of case for client who was initially refused because of prior ARD many years previous.

Criminal Defense

  • Successfully defended client at jury trial against charges of aggravated assault after a fight outside bar, based on medical records which showed victim was not hit multiple times.
  • Represented over 75 clients at Preliminary hearings for a Public Defenders Office.

Real Estate

  • Represent multiple Homeowner and Condominium Association clients in multiple lawsuits over variety of issues, including collection of monthly assessments;
  • Represent client in obtaining seven figure compensation for leasing rights for windpower development and six figure compensation for leasing rights on same property for oil & gas pipeline easements.
  • Represent clients in successful reversal of sale of their property at tax sale.
  • Represent client in boundary line disputes involving conflicting surveys.
  • Represent and settle case for professional client in defense of claims of failing to observe visible environmental contamination.

Wills & Trusts

  • Represent client (executor) in litigation to compel one beneficiary who had taken over property to purchase the entire property from the other beneficiaries, or face eviction.
  • Drafted numerous estate plans and administered numerous estates.
  • Successful Orphans’ Court litigation to remove trustee for beneficiary when trustee was non-cooperative.

Business Law

  • Represented client in the sale of his 50% interest in businesses after numerous failed attempts to reach agreement by parties; represented another client in sale of his business which included provisions for a lengthy consulting agreement, approximating a pension.
  • Represented client in litigation over Agreement of Sale to purchase hotel and restaurant; obtained successful, emergency preliminary injunction to obtain possession of hotel, successful defense of liquor license after attack by opposing party.
  • Formed many limited liability companies which include lengthy, detailed operating agreements dealing with multiple issues of addition of new members, sale of membership interests, dissolution, valuation of business interests, etc.
  • Assist clients in review of franchise agreements, with understanding of what to look out for and what to avoid in franchise agreement

Construction Claims

  • Represent homeowners and contractors in numerous construction claims and suits through arbitration or trial.
  • Represent homeowner against multiple defendants in litigation involving severe groundwater runoff from neighboring construction site – six figure settlement.
  • Represent construction company in litigation over work performed on commercial property – six figure settlement.

Civil Rights

  • Represent client in claims against county Children and Youth Services over wrongfully placing client on Childline Registry and taking custody of children.

* Thomas G. Wolpert, Esquire and Patrick McDonnell, Esquire are licensed in New Jersey.