Are you looking for a Criminal Defense Lawyer?  As a criminal defense lawyer,  our firm has decades of experience representing clients in the Philadelphia area.

We are diligent in handling criminal defense matters to protect your rights. We have experience in helping individuals charged with felony indictments such as assault, DUI/drunk driving, professional license violations which have criminal and civil consequences including substance abuse, theft, larceny, failure to make required disposition of property and fraud. We work to assist you in admission to ARD programs when they are available to you.

We understand the serious nature of these charges and offer our clients a thorough, aggressive approach to your defense.  Where motion practice may result in dismissal of all charges, we pursue it.  We advocate zealously for you in plea negotiations. We are candid with your chances of getting charges dropped or reduced to a lesser charge.

Call us to talk about your case.  We handle minor infractions with the same seriousness as more serious charges.  We are available on short notice to represent you at the preliminary hearing.

You want an attorney who will investigate the evidence, challenge untrue statements, take your telephone calls to answer your questions, and work for the best possible result.  Call us to talk about your case at (610) 792-3304

By working as a team, we provide our clients with peace of mind.  They rely on us to guide them in resolving their legal issues.   Our future success depends on our continued ability to help our clients in achieving successful, yet realistic legal outcomes. Quality legal work and hard work are the foundations on which we have built and grown our firm.  When you hire us, you receive the benefit of our experience:  experience built through the hard work of successfully helping many clients over two decades.

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For nearly two decades, we have focused on achieving effective results for our clients. Our firm hears and responds to concerns from our clients, who have rewarded our attention to their legal affairs with their loyalty to us.

We bring high professional and academic standards to bear on every legal problem, always conscious that our clients have three essential questions:

What results can I expect? | How long will it take? | What are the costs?

If you are looking for hard-working lawyers who will answer your questions and honor your trust.

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Where Every Client Matters

“We give you candid advice at the outset of a matter, outlining the range of possible outcomes and the probable costs associated with achieving those outcomes. We work diligently for you to settle your case. We are licensed in Pennsylvania and New Jersey and regularly represent Pennsylvania clients with respect to their New Jersey legal affairs. We are experienced in federal and state court, arbitrations, administrative hearings, professional license hearings, jury trials, and mediations.”  – Wolpert Schreiber McDonnell P.C

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