Tom’s dedication to his profession and his ethics are what set him apart from other attorneys that I have used in the past.  Whether or not he is working with one of my clients that I have referred to him or to myself, he is always well prepared, gives his honest opinion and treats everyone fairly.  Win, settle or lose you can always rest assured that Tom and his associates have your best interest at heart and that you have received their best effort.  I never hesitate to refer Wolpert Schreiber, P.C., Attorneys at Law due to having the confidence I have in them that they earn on a regular basis.

Peter Tummillo & Sons, Inc.
Custom Home Builders
1024 Pottstown Pike
Chester Springs, PA 19425

It has been my privilege to work with Wolpert Schreiber, P.C. as an expert witness on two occasions and I have found Thomas Wolpert, David Schreiber and their staff to be dedicated professionals fully committed to the highest professional standards in the practice of law.  Tom gets great results, superlative work from concept to final output.  He also has high integrity, is trustworthy, consistent, reliable, creative and inventive with out of the box ideas and implementation.

David Hughes, PMP
Exton, PA

I have had Tom Wolpert represent my company for a number of years for several situations.  Tom and his associates have always handled myself and each case with the utmost integrity and professionalism.  I am proud to have this law firm on my side.

Paul Flack, Builder

Dear David Schreiber, We both miss you… We paid off our mortgage, plus made other house repairs and needs. We are doing well and caught up with expenses. Laura is still in pain but she is resigned to the fact that it will be a lifetime, no more operations for her. We owe a lot to you and your firm and cannot thank you enough. You guided us through very difficult times. We wish we could compose more about how your firm handled our case, list all of the wonderful help and how you guided us through difficult times but I am afraid it would take volumes. Thanks again from the bottom of our hearts.”

Laura and Dave
Berks County, PA

Tom Wolpert is a tough attorney who fights hard for his clients and gives intelligent, sensible advice.  Unlike many attorneys, Tom is always available when you need him and he is quick to answer or return phone calls.  I am glad Tom is on my team.

Robert L. Rosensweig
Robert L. Rosensweig & Company
Certified Public Accountants

Dear Attorney David Schreiber:

Your attorney skills reflect an individual that excels in his profession.  The sincerity you
displayed, the knowledge of the law and your efforts to communicate to keep your
clients informed were greatly appreciated.  We would gladly recommend you to anyone that would require legal counsel in your specialty of the law.  Your firm is fortunate to have a young man of your caliber on their staff.  We wish you a bright future as you travel further in your profession.

Sincerely, Grateful Clients
Berks County, PA

Tom Wolpert recently successfully represented me in an employment related matter.  Tom is very personable and explained legal issues to me in a way that was completely transparent to me as a non-lawyer.  Tom allowed me to be an active participant in my ongoing case by keeping me up on the decisions to be addressed in the case and allowing me to review any submissions to the Court or others before he sent them.  As a result of his style, he reduced the amount of overall costs.  I highly recommend Tom’s services.

Theresa M. Laws, CPA
Lansdale, PA


I have not only used David (Schreiber) for my own attorney, but have recommended him to others who have been very happy with the end result and the level of professionalism and expertise David has offered.

C.C., Montgomery County, PA

A voluminous array of law firms exist from which to a person or business may choose; however, if the goal of a discriminating client is to build a lasting business relationship with an intelligent attorney who is both personally accessible and actually cares, then Mr. Wolpert is the logical choice. Mr. Wolpert is to the law for the client what the fictitious TV character, Dr. Welby is to medicine for the patient.

Mr. & Mrs. G.

I never had a good impression of lawyers.  I always thought they only did what they needed to and were always out for the money.  But you (David Schreiber) changed my mind about that.  I actually enjoyed having you as my lawyer.  You took the time to explain everything to me and if I had any questions, you answered them without hesitation.  You always let me know what was going on with the case and kept me updated on everything.  You were always honest and pleasant with me.  Words cannot express my gratitude for everything you have done for me and my family.  I would definitely recommend you to my family and friends.  Thanks again for everything you have done.

Pottstown, PA

I had a great experience as attorney Thomas Wolpert has provided very honest advice and opinions for my business matters.  I always felt that he is on my side and he is very prompt and open in all levels of communications that is very important in making the right decisions.

Vikas Malik
Allentown, PA

I had an injury where I was a pedestrian.  It was a truck accident.  David Schreiber was my lawyer.  He did a fantastic job on my case.  He took the time to explain what was going on.  He earned my trust.  If I ever needed a lawyer, I would use them again.  I would also recommend David Schreiber to anyone needing a personal injury lawyer.

Frank Koresko

Tom, I write on behalf of the Association to express our gratitude for the ethical and professional legal services and advice that you have provided to us since 2002.  It has been a privilege to work with such an honorable and principled man.

It has been my personal pleasure to observe the growth of a one man firm to where you are today.  You have chosen honorable and principled attorneys and office staff that compliment the firm and I am certain the firm will continue to grow.

Congratulations to you and David on your new partnership.

Patricia Canfield, President
Birchwood Homeowners Association

We would like to deeply thank Dave Schreiber for his support and guidance in dealing with our contract dispute with a major insurance company. My husband and I felt like we had no voice battling against a big company and looked to Dave for solid experience and track record. Dave Schreiber was professional, hard working and compassionate in all his dealings with us. He worked diligently to hold the insurance company accountable and made sure we received a proper settlement that was fair. We could have never achieved a successful and prompt outcome without Dave Schreiber’s expertise.

Stephanie & Anthony Campanale

When we had a fire in our home, we lost not only our home, but also our business.  Our builder recommended Tom Wolpert.  He provided a great help to us with our personal as well as our business matters; we don’t know what we would have done without him.  We can’t recommend him enough.

Richard and Carole Weber
MagicMedia Communications
Downingtown, PA

Thank you for your expertise and professionalism in helping us as we dealt with our unexpected challenges.  Your ease of access via email/phone and prompt attention had made everything effortless.  I hope not to require your services in the near future, but as it is inevitable that something will come up, I will be sure to give you a call. Once again, thank you.

K.M., Pottstown, PA

Starting a business requires many things, including a great deal of outside help.  We were fortunate to begin our relationship with Tom Wolpert early in our efforts.  Nearly fifteen years later, Tom remains our trusted advisor, confidant, and legal counsel.  Responsive and thorough, Tom and his team have always come through for us.  We expect the best from our team – and they deliver it.

Mark Onesky, P.E.